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The Challenge
In late 1999, the Atlanta based "HBOC" division of McKessonHBOC was reeling from bad press and morale via news that the HBOC division had been overvalued during the acquisition process. The Atlanta division was made to feel like the black sheep of a company based in California. As a result, recruiting top talent was a very difficult proposition. In order to bring in strategic hires, the company's recruiting efforts would need to run better than ever before.

The Solution—Process Consulting
Talent Connections reviewed the programs and processes McKessonHBOC had in place and then assisted the company's recruiting department with major upgrades to the recruiting function. A joint McKesson/Talent Connections team worked to:

  • Develop a sophisticated employee referral program that led to significant hires
  • Develop an on-boarding process to streamline the process from acceptance to start date so the company is ready on the new hire's start date…the program won an internal company award
  • Perform a recruiting process audit
  • Develop and implement a behavioral interview training course
  • Assess key recruiting metrics
  • Consult with the VP of Recruiting on recruiter complement and salaries

Over time, McKessonHBOC has persevered through the difficult times and their recruiting function is one of the best in Atlanta. Their recruiter turnover has been low and they are leading the effort when it comes to finding the right people to drive strong financial results in this division.

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