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Habitat for Humanity

The Challenge
Habitat for Humanity International is based in Americus, Georgia-about three hours south of Atlanta. This non-profit ministry is world renowned for providing affordable housing to people who don't have the resources to secure a home through traditional means.

Habitat was struggling in attracting and assessing talent to help drive their global organization. With a need to hire about 175 people a year, Habitat needed to apply new approaches and expertise in their recruiting process.

The Solution—Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
In 2004, after conducting a recruiting process audit for the organization, Habitat leadership asked Talent Connections, "Why don't you do the recruiting for us?" After several meetings and a clear understanding of the objectives, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model was developed that would suit their needs.

Since September 2004, Talent Connections has developed strategy, fine tuned processes, hired a recruiting team of five, implemented an applicant tracking system and helped the organization hire 175+ people. The special needs of the organization as a non-profit are being continuously monitored to help Habitat meet its ongoing recruiting needs.

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